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by:Positioning     2020-11-23
Well-known thyristor module di/dt bear ability have a direct relationship with chip junction temperature, di/dt to bear ability as temperatures there will be a significant reduction. So the user must ensure that the device of the cooling conditions when using. Requirements in the process of work, the ordinary thyristor: Tj≤ 125° C, high frequency, fast thyristor: Tj≤ 115° C。 Thyristor module di/dt bear ability reflects the actual device of the current rapid opening ability, it is highly affected by the device gate trigger conditions. Strong rise very steep trigger pulse is proposed, which can significantly reduce the opening time and opening device loss, di/dt bear ability enhancement device. We suggest that the triggering pulse for: : trigger current amplitude IGM = ( 4 to 10 times) IGT trigger current rise time (tr is less than 1 & micro; s。 Thyristor module under high di/dt, can produce local transient high temperature in the chip, the local transient high temperature in the long-term work affects the working life of the device. The user at any time, therefore, should ensure that the di/dt shall not exceed the device manufacturers e. , given and left a certain margin. Thyristor module di/dt and its relationship between opening loss is great, thyristor module high di/dt is used in high frequency applications, to consider opening loss caused by the rising junction temperature rise, the user should consider to reduce the device by the state of current or enhance device cooling capabilities. Above all, to enhance the temperature at which the device local instantaneous surge capacity, namely the thyristor module junction temperature rise as small as possible, the device can be greatly enhanced ability of di/dt. To do this, the key is the radiator of the transient thermal resistance is smaller. Thyristor module true experts, in order to your satisfaction, we really heart. If interested in our thyristor module or there is doubt, welcome your consultation.
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