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by:Positioning     2020-11-26
With the method of the thyristor module control three phase asynchronous motor speed the following kinds: 1, regulating speed is thyristor module, thyristor module in series to the stator circuits, using thyristor module to adjust to the voltage on the motor's speed. This kind of control method of mechanical properties is soft. Is 2, cascade speed regulation, it is the silicon controlled rectifier module in the rotor circuit of the motor, using the motor slip energy feedback grid how to realize speed regulation, this method is only applicable to wound rotor asynchronous motor speed control. Is 3, frequency control of motor speed, it is the silicon controlled rectifier module of frequency conversion circuit, it also has to pay & ndash; Frequency conversion and hand in the orthogonal frequency division, but as a result of SCR is half controlled device, frequency conversion control circuit is more complicated. And new power electronics all control devices in recent years, which adopts double closed loop pressure regulating speed control system of the three-phase asynchronous motor, three-phase thyristor ac voltage regulator and three-phase wound rotor asynchronous motor ( Rotor circuit of series resistance) 。 Control part by a given integral circuit, current regulator ( ACR) , speed regulator ( ASR) , TH103 thyristor trigger integrated circuit, current transducer ( FBC) , speed converter ( 的边后卫) , the trigger ( GT) , pulse power amplifier, etc, purchasing SCR welcome to visit the website.
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