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by:Positioning     2020-12-19
Used in the field of high voltage thyristor module will often encounter a thyristor voltage ( Forward and reverse repetitive peak voltage) Not enough, can't take on peak voltage at the ends of the thyristor module, so need thyristor module in series. Such as high voltage thyristor rectifier bridge, high voltage reactive power compensation against each arm parallel non-contact switch, etc. , this series thyristor components often referred to as: & other; Thyristor high pressure throughout the body &; 。 For example, in a high pressure at the ends of the rectifier bridge arm for RMS voltage 10000 v, the maximum of the peak voltage is 14100 v, if choose to repetitive peak voltage of 4000 v of the thyristor, needs a few series? First need to explain what is positive to repetitive peak voltage of thyristor module? The so-called direction, repetitive peak voltage is the crystal ZhaGuanSuo can bear the highest voltage. This is factory set after the test. Provisions in China standard its condition is: 1, the junction temperature of 125 ℃ when measured 2, measured after PN junction avalanche voltage value minus 100 v 3, take the positive and negative in both directions as the value of the minimum value & other; Repetitive peak voltage & throughout; 。 Thus can see the factory leave allowance is only 100 v, when used in the power grid, often higher harmonic peak is much higher than that of base wave, or even a few times. So when the design, in addition to adequate margin, but also very seriously equalizing and overvoltage protection measures, so as to avoid thyristor module voltage breakdown phenomenon. A, thyristor module series bridge arm serial number in the calculation formula of device: KCU— Take 1 overvoltage, impact coefficient. 3 - - - - - 1. 6, according to the equipment in the maturity of the overvoltage protection measures; UAM— Arm work peak voltage, refers to the positive peak voltage peak reverse voltage UARM UATM or arm, calculations take both with strong; Kb— The grid voltage rise coefficient, typically take 1. 05 - 1. 1, special circumstances desirable higher value; KAU— As to the design of the voltage margin: 1 & ndash; 2, according to the reliability of the device and to the reliability requirements of the equipment; KU— All pressure coefficient, generally take 0. 8 - 0. 9. URM— Tandem repetitive peak voltage rating of the device. Second, the number of thyristor module required calculation of KCU take 1. 4, because of the large power grid voltage surge condition; UAM=14100V; Take 1 Kb. 1; Take 1 KAU high voltage margin when using. 5; KU = 0。 In 85, all pressure coefficient; URM = 4000 v plug: a formula to calculate conclusion is to use 10 4000 v thyristor series. After three, thyristor module series problems 1, equalizing: requirements imposed by the voltage spread evenly on each thyristor module, per share of voltage across the device only. 2, trigger signal transmission: because each thyristor module in different on the potential of each device of the trigger signal can't be zero. 3, at the same time trigger: ten cases on thyristor module series, does not allow individual device does not trigger, or high pressure above will happen on this one device, and cause the capacitance voltage breakdown. Thyristor module true experts, in order to your satisfaction, we really, interested in our thyristor SCR or there is doubt, welcome your consultation.
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