Thyristor module have? How to distinguish?

by:Positioning     2021-02-26
Unidirectional and bidirectional silicon controlled rectifier thyristor module points two kinds, silicon controlled rectifier are three electrodes. One-way thyristor is cathode ( K) And the anode ( 一) And control ( G) 。 Bidirectional thyristor is equivalent to two single SCR reverse in parallel. Is one of the one-way silicon anode and cathode in the other side, said the terminal T2, one of the one-way silicon cathode and anode is connected to the other, says the terminal T2, the rest is for control ( G) 。 Single, bidirectional thyristor discriminant: first as a two pole, if it is, but test Pointers are not moving, R× 1 block) , may be A, K, G or A pole ( The one-way thyristor) Also may be T2 and T1 or T2, G ( The bidirectional thyristor) 。 If there are instructions for a single measurement dozens to hundreds of Europe, will be as one-way thyristor. For K and red pen receive pole, the black pen for G pole, the rest is A pole. If the positive and reverse test instructions are dozens to hundreds of Europe, will be as the bidirectional thyristor. Turn the knob to R× 1 or R× 10 survey, in which there will be a little older resistance, a red pen is larger for G pole, black pen that provides for the T1, the rest is T2.
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