Thyristor module four application in high power inverter

by:Positioning     2020-12-16
Thyristor module in the application of high power frequency conversion technology is very wide, mainly for electric power transformation and control, according to its function has the following four types of application: ( 1) Controlled rectifier using one-way conductive silicon controlled thyristor module, the ac rectifier into a dc voltage is adjustable. This kind of adjustable dc power supply, used in electrolysis, electroplating, charge, excitation, and closing operation of the power supply, etc. This is another major made dc drive control device. In the past for the pull speed and the braking performance of high device, usually adopts motor & ndash; — Power data flow unit to be controlled dc voltage, in order to realize the control requirements. Since the advent of thyristor module still controlled rectifying device, with its series of advantages to replace the unit, and get the better static and dynamic performance. At present from the motor, dc motor to the small and medium-sized auxiliary machinery, adopts thyristor module power supply or excitation control device. ( 2) Inverter and variable frequency using thyristor module features, fitting for the rheological change ac inverter, is the process by which a frequency communication transform into other forms of the leader of the communication process is called frequency. Rectifier, inverter and frequency are often together, or joint is far. Current, voltage by the transformation, often made of intermediate frequency ( 400 - 8000Hz) Heating power source used for melting, heating, quenching, welding. Now the most economical long-distance high-voltage direct current transmission, is ac rectifier into dc transmission, then, inverter dc into communication for people to use again. Is another application of ac motor speed control, such as offshore oil drilling platform grid cascade speed regulating and frequency conversion speed regulation used in the various forms of variable frequency device, etc. This is the current technical development direction, foreign exchange transfer violations drag device is developing very quickly. ( 3) Chopper voltage regulation using thyristor module as a dc switch, control thyristor module of the on-off ratio and on-off frequency, a fixed dc voltage transform into adjustable dc voltage chopper voltage. Thyristor module is mainly used in the pulse dc drive control, in the subway, tram, electric locomotive, and as a port transportation inside the plant and storage battery, series resistance speed control method, easy to control, energy saving is obvious. ( 4) Power electronic switch using thyristor module as electronic switch, contactor and relay instead of on and off frequently. Have no spark, no wear, no noise and long life characteristics, and can get good switching performance and energy saving effect. Often make it ac voltage regulator, thyristor module for offshore oil drilling platform of the dimming; Make the dynamometer, used in temperature control heating jealous; As well as the regulating speed and positive &negative control motor. Thyristor module true experts, in order to your satisfaction, we really heart.
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