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by:Positioning     2021-04-15
Thyristor module is power electronic components, one of the most commonly used components in the use of it more professional, sometimes, thyristor module due to some technical workers wrong operation, causing damage. This time, you can simply according to the following method to judge the damage degree of the thyristor module:? 吗? 吗? 吗? 1. Check the inverse conductivity? 吗? 吗? 吗? Choose multimeter R× 1, black pens and K, red pens and pick up A pole, resistance value should be 5 ~ 10 Ω. If the value is zero, proving that internal diode short circuit; Has infinite resistance, diode. 吗? 吗? 吗? 吗? 2. Measurement is turning dc voltage V ( BO) 吗? 吗? 吗? 吗? Good circuit, and then according to the rated speed megohmmeter, read on RCT on positive breakdown by dc voltmeter V ( BO) Value. 吗? 吗? 吗? 吗? 3. Check the triggered ability? 吗? 吗? 吗? Example: using the model 500 multimeter and ZC25 - Type 3 megohmmeter measuring a S3900MF inverse thyristor module. In turn, choose R× 1 k, r乘以; 100年,r乘以; 10 and R× 1 A - measurement K electrode reverse resistance, at the same time with read voltage method and out to the internal diode reverse voltage VTR + ( The actual is the diode forward voltage VF) 。 With a megger and multimeter 500 VDC profile measured V ( BO) Value. All the data collected. Proving RCT being measured in good quality. 吗? 吗? 吗? 吗? Thyristor module, we use the most professional attitude, concern you the most subtle, want to think of the client, the urgent need of the client, in a very quality, fill and level up your fears. If you are interested in our thyristor module or there is doubt, welcome your consultation, we wait for you!
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