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by:Positioning     2021-04-03
With the rapid development of economy in our country, thyristor module has gradually entered people's lives, we know that the threat of unidirectional thyristor is to realize the function of self-locking. Unidirectional thyristor shut off in one of two ways: one is known to all, is the silicon controlled at the anode potential is lower than the cathode or anode current less than maintaining current, can be made of conduction transformation is shut off. Another is the thyristor control of short circuit, and can be directly to be shut off, I use it to the characteristics of the produced the following simple infrared remote control switch circuit. Today we will learn about the first, silicon controlled rectifier output and input process of remote control switch circuit. When you start the process of static pulse amplifier tube V1 in saturated state, the collector output is zero. The low level 1 v, thyristor trigger circuit module does not work. Instantaneous press the remote control ( Each kind of color TV, VCD remote control) , receiving head receives the infrared remote control signal, the output end of the output pulse sequence of instructions after demodulation, amplified by V1 signal is divided into two roads: one path R6 to charge of C6, another path R5 to charge of C5, due to the capacity is greater than the C6 C5, so charging speed is slow, cannot make V2 conduction, and C6 on filling the instantaneous pulse voltage is enough to make a one-way thyristor SCR trigger conduction, electric relay K, normally open contacts closed CJ1 socket CZ load of the electrical work. LED for working status indicator. Closing process: press the remote control button again more than 3 seconds, C5 on filling have enough voltage to the V2 by as the state of saturated conductivity, thus the thyristor control of short circuit, thyristor was shut off. Relay, losing electricity off contact, load stop working. Then on C5 charge voltage quickly through the R5, V1 set of emitter discharge, the circuit has reached the awaited state. More for SCR knowledge, please login website.
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