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by:Positioning     2021-01-22
Three-phase rectifier bridge modular structure can improve the density, safety and reliability of the products, at the same time also can reduce the unit cost of production, shorten the cycle of new products into the market, improve the market competitiveness of enterprises. And the three-phase rectifier bridge module main electrode terminal, control terminals and assisted with 2 between terminals with copper base plate. 5 kv high voltage RMS, can make it together with the various modules within device installed in a radiator on the ground, is advantageous to the device volume narrowed, simplify the structure design of device. With super fast recovery diode ( FRRD) Replace ordinary rectifier of & other; FRED three-phase rectifier bridge switch module & throughout; ( Models for MFST) Can also be used for the various voltage type inverter, widely used in VVVT, SMPS, UPS, welding inverter and servo motor driver amplifier has a dc link inverter device. Three-phase rectifier bridge switch module is composed of six super fast recovery diode chips and a high power high voltage thyristor chips in a certain circuit connect wrapped together in a PPS (after With 40% glass fiber) Enclosure made of mutual couplet, three-phase rectifier bridge thyristor T concatenated on bridge is output. In module device to radiator, make have good contact between them, thus reducing the contact thermal resistance of rectifier bridge module, to ensure that the module output. Three-phase rectifier bridge module true experts, in order to your satisfaction, we really heart. If interested in our three-phase rectifier bridge module or there is doubt, welcome your consultation.
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