The zero type solid state relay and the difference between model with solid state relay

by:Positioning     2020-12-08
Zero type SSR solid state relay used for & other; Switch & throughout; Switch ( From & other; Switch & throughout; In terms of switching function is equivalent to ordinary relay or contactor) Solid state relay, we usually speak are most for zero type ( Zero type SSR can only & other; Switch & throughout; Can't & other; Regulating & throughout; ) 。 With the aircraft SSR solid state relay is mainly used for & other; Chopper voltage regulation & throughout; ( But as the aircraft SSR control signals must be synchronous with power grid and rising edge in 0 & deg; - 180° Change within the scope of the square wave signal to realize the voltage regulator, a single voltage signal or 0 5 v analog signals cannot make its voltage regulation, from & other; Regulating & throughout; The perspective of function model with SSR is completely different from the ordinary relay or contactor) 。 One thing must be emphasized that all kinds of pressure regulating module as the output of the contact devices or solid state relay internal are based on thyristor, and relied on change the thyristor conduction Angle to achieve & other; Regulating & throughout; Purpose, so the output voltage waveform are & other; Missing Angle & throughout; The sine wave, Different from the coupling voltage regulator output complete sine wave) , there are higher harmonic, have noise, the grid has certain & other; Pollution & throughout; ( Domestic and foreign similar products are the same, this is determined by the principle of chopping regulating) 。 Solid state relay true experts, in order to your satisfaction, we really heart. If interested in our solid state relay or there is doubt, welcome your consultation.
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