The nine basic principles using thyristor module

by:Positioning     2021-02-24
In daily life, we often can see the figure of thyristor module, do you know how to use the thyristor module? Then using thyristor module by thyristor module small make up to ask you to explain the nine basic principles: 1. In order to conduction thyratron ( Or thyristor module) , must be a gate current ≧ IGT, to load current to ≧ IL. Must satisfy this condition, the lowest temperature and press may encounter. 2. To disconnect ( Switch) Thyratron ( Or thyristor module) The load current must be 3. Design of thyristor trigger circuit module, whenever possible, to avoid 3 + quadrant ( WT2- ,+) 。 4. In order to reduce noise absorption, gate wire length to a minimum. 5. If the SCR module VDRM is serious, the power of the abnormal moment may be beyond, in the process of using one of the following measures: load series inductance for several 霩 unsaturated inductance, to limit the dIT/dt; With the MOV jumper in power, and increase the filter circuit in power supply side. 6. Choose good gate trigger circuit, to avoid the working condition of 3 + quadrant, can maximize thyristor module of dIT/dt. 7. If the SCR module of dIT/dt is likely to be beyond, load the best series a few 霩 coreless induction or negative temperature coefficient thermistor. Another solution: using zero voltage conduction of resistive load. 8. Device fixed to the radiator, to avoid SCR module under stress. Fixed, and then welding wire. Don't put the rivet core shaft device interface side. 9. In order to long-term reliable operation, should guarantee the Rthj - A low enough for Tj is not higher than Tjmax, its value corresponding to the highest possible temperature
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