The inverter failure? To tell you

by:Positioning     2021-02-09
Inverter in use there will be a failure, after a certain time, when it fails, what should we do? Below let small make up to explain for everybody: inverter is mainly composed of main circuit and control circuit of two parts, the primary loop by the rectifier ( Rectifier module) , the intermediate circuit ( Filter circuit) And the inverter ( High power crystal module) Of three main parts, control circuit by single-chip computer, driver circuit and photoelectric isolation circuit composition and so on. Beijing has a home specializes in frequency converter manufacturers cooperate with us for many years, on one occasion, the customer reflect with us, in the inverter is running, often occur before the inverter insurance burned, empty trip, and heard a abnormal noise frequency converter internal. Provided by the vendors have questioned whether because the product has quality problem caused by frequency converter rectifier bridge failure? So we technical personnel specialized in Beijing, in the process of inspection, we found that the rectifier bridge has been damaged, fry out several obvious cracks, measure the whole bridge has short circuit, the rectifier bridge model is correct and parameter is the current 30 a and withstand voltage 1200 v full compliance with technical requirements, then why inverter will fail? Turned out to be because of the frequency converter load inertia is a drag roller, the knife dish and parking, and parking regeneration overvoltage phenomenon, due to the regenerative power to dc voltage increases, sometimes more than permitted, middle voltage more than ten regeneration voltage rectifier bridge stress value, is the rectifier bridge the reason of the crack. According to the above reason, the technical personnel to adjust frequency converter individual parameters, such as deceleration time from 5 s to 10 s, three-phase output U, V, W pressure sensitive resistance ( Connection to delta connection, pressure sensitive resistance of withstand voltage is 1000 v) 。 Through the above improvement of frequency converter fault rate is decreased obviously. Inverter technology content is higher, it is the combination of heavy current and weak current, but if the improper use or accident will causes the damage of the inverter. To make the inverter normal running out of order, less choice is the most secure your technical support. Zhejiang rectifier co. , LTD. Focus on the production of power semiconductor components, provide the power module, thyristor, solid state relays, rectifier bridge, such as the company is looking for power semiconductors, the service hotline: 0577 - 62627555
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