The five characteristics of thyristor module controller

by:Positioning     2021-02-28
Will belong to the type of silicon controlled rectifier thyristor module controller as the foundation, intelligent digital control circuit is the core of the power supply power control electronics, its efficiency is very high, no wear and tear, relatively fast response speed, no mechanical noise, the area is not very big, also is not very big weight. What are the characteristics of the thyristor module controller? For you. 1) SCR module controller integrates inside 75 degrees overtemperature protection alarm equipment, and unbalanced three-phase alarm. (2) use the specifications MODBUSRTU communication as the standard, application of flame retardant ABS shell, more is not easy to produce risk. (3) SCR module controller in application of 0. Level 1 precision current sensor can be current limit, also using 50 and 60 hz switch equipment, has more application prices. (4) using 12 inside AD converter, to do fine adjustment. (5) thyristor module controller using the military level precision voltage sensor inside, can do overvoltage and pressure limiting protection, at the same time the use of voltage regulation, regulation of work and rectification integration process, also has a constant current control, constant pressure control and constant power control
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