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by:Positioning     2021-05-07
For large-scale power station on the ground, in order to increase the utilization rate of the stent, the general design 2 row of defence of the diode components installed on the bracket, a series solution is on a line of defence of the diode component end to end of a string, the next line of defence of the diode component end to end of a string; Another series solution is, discharge on the counter-attack diode component end to end of a string. In order to reduce the occupation of land, plant design main consideration when 09:00 ~ 15:00 for component front and rear window without work. Beyond this time period will inevitably produce the phenomenon of front and rear cover. In addition, the roof plant and is affected by the block high roof and adjacent buildings. When block happens to different components, components of the open circuit voltage, output power, etc will be significantly affected. If there is no defence of the diode, through the junction box of the bus, other bus box through the ark of the dc bus will extend to the lower voltage components, serious will happen between components circulation, produce hot spots damaged components. Using single to the function of diode, racing to the series at each time a defence of the diode, can rise to prevent the circulation between different set of string, flow backward wait for a phenomenon. 7 V, corresponding to the power loss of about 2%, so the junction box design should fully consider the heat dissipation problem. 5%. In addition, when making group string voltage detection, with the defence of the diode is no defence of the diode is much more convenient. Due to the increase, the investment cost of diode is through the system capacity for recycle more, so the increase in pv junction box defence of the diode is necessary. Photovoltaic dedicated the counter-attack diode selection is important, if the choice is not good, will increase the failure rate of junction box, affect the security, economic and stable operation of photovoltaic power station, conventional defence of the diode model have MDK26A, MDK55A, MD26A, MD55A, etc. Warm prompt: the defence of the diode selection should be fully considered good working environment for the power margin; Second defence of the high temperature properties of diode is very important, choose the counter-attack diode module, to ensure normal work under the high temperature working environment. Hotline: 0577 62627555!
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