The characteristics of the intelligent thyristor module

by:Positioning     2020-12-14
Known as intelligent thyristor module and other semiconductor devices, it has small volume, high efficiency, good stability, reliable work, etc. With the arrival of it, the semiconductor technology from weak current field entered the field of heavy current, as industry, agriculture, transportation, military, scientific research and commercial and civil electrical appliances to the element. Intelligent thyristor module is widely used in various industries, such as; Electrolysis, electroplating, temperature, light, electric welding, battery charging and discharging, dc motor, ac motor soft start, regulated power supply device, excitation, etc. According to the relevant units to provide the information, intelligent thyristor module mainly has the following characteristics: 1, the imported glass passivated chip, thyristor module conduction voltage drop is small, low power consumption, energy saving effect. 2, control trigger circuit adopts imported SMT components assembly, all components for high temperature aging screening, high reliability. 3, the ceramic coated copper process, welding process is unique, high dielectric strength, good thermal performance, current carrying capacity is big, number of thermal cycle load is gb nearly 10 times. 4, control trigger circuit, main circuit, insulation between bottom of thermal conductivity, dielectric strength & ge; 2500 Ⅴ AC conductivity plate is not charged, safe and reliable. 5, control input port 0 10 v dc signal and can adjust to smooth the main circuit output. 6, control mode can be as follows: manual potentiometer control; Instrument control; Microcomputer control; PLC control, etc. 7, suitable for impedance or inductive load. The anti-aging is marked characteristics of intelligent thyristor module design, popular with the major equipment manufacturer. Smart if you are interested in our intelligent thyristor module or there is doubt, welcome your consultation.
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