The advantages of SCR template and classification

by:Positioning     2020-11-25
Thyristor module has small volume, light weight, compact structure, high reliability, simple outside wiring and good compatibility, easy to maintenance and installation; Structure, the repeatability of the equipment mechanical design can be simplified, the low price is discrete device of a lot of advantage, are popular with many customers and welcome. At present, thyristor module for its stable performance and other characteristics, widely used in various industries, sell well in both areas. Thyristor module classification of SCR template from X chip, can be divided into two major categories of control module and rectifier module, distinguish from the concrete use, can be divided into: ordinary thyristor module ( 矿渣MTC MTX) , ordinary rectifier module ( MDC) , ordinary thyristor, rectifier module ( MFC) , fast thyristor, rectifier and mixed module ( MKCMZC) , type of insulation thyristor, rectifier and mixed module ( Known as the electric welding machine dedicated module MTG the MDGS) Output, three-phase rectifier bridge thyristor module ( MDS) Single-phase (, Three phase) Rectifier bridge module ( MDQ) , single phase half controlled bridge ( Three-phase fully-controlled bridge) Module ( MTS) As well as schottky module and so on.
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