Teach you to use the pressure drop test method to detect the stand or fall of rectifier bridge module

by:Positioning     2021-05-02
As is known to all, a high quality of power supply products without a good performance of the rectifier bridge module components. So if the rectifier bridge in use is broken, how to maintenance inspection? In addition to resistance test method, is there any other way? The rectifier bridge module manufacturer to teach you the stand or fall of measuring rectifier bridge of the second method & ndash; — The pressure drop test method. Pressure drop test method is to use the multimeter diode gear direct method to test the internal diode rectifier bridge module chip, read the reference value of pressure drop or approximation. Test method and the method of resistance test is roughly similar, also is a kind of common measuring methods of the rectifier bridge module is good or bad. Test tools and objects: a multimeter and a judgment of the rectifier bridge module products. Test conditions set: multimeter to diode gear, red pen multimeter anode, black pen multimeter cathode. Test method and steps for: red pen cathode rectifier bridge module, rectifier bridge module positive black pen, the test results for the pressure drop of the rectifier bridge module reference value; For testing of the pressure drop of those chips value respectively, the methods for the black pen, rectifier bridge module positive, red pen detection respectively two ac feet; Red pen connect the cathode rectifier bridge module, black pen detection two ac foot respectively, the measured results for internal pressure drop parameters of diode chip independently. Test results summary: the above test results for the pressure drop internal diode rectifier bridge module chip reference values, there are readings that the chip is normal, can help judge the rectifier bridge module on and off and good or bad. If there is not a consistent problem, such as numerical to 1 ( Infinity) Shows rectifier bridge module of the single chip has been damaged. True experts rectifier bridge module, in order to your satisfaction, we really heart. If interested in our rectifier bridge module or there is doubt, welcome your consultation.
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