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by:Positioning     2021-05-23
Now with the jump in aluminum, appeared on the market a large number of price inferiority of inferior insert radiator, the radiator from the cooling body materials, processing, parts quality have a great gap with the provisions of the national industry standard, in the use of components and the whole machine has a great influence on the quality of life. How to form a pair of critical, then we should let them it is? 1, on the material, we can from the purity of the radiator, thickness and machining precision to distinguish; 2, we can look at the radiator on manufacturing process after molding, produce the phenomenon such as crack, shrinkage cavity, bad material and rough flawed process, will directly bring ring radiator thermal conductivity; 3, on the insert radiator surface, we can watch the radiator mesa contact surface roughness and plane, because it directly affects the radiator of the contact thermal resistance and pressure drop; Insert the radiator, any design, unique appearance, custom cooling insert density is small, light weight, overall good bearing capacity, stable quality, trustworthy. With 1060 high quality aluminium alloy, corrosion resistance is stronger, the effect of heat dispelling better. Solve your difficult heat dissipation requirements of zhejiang rectifier co. , LTD. & ndash; Domestic professional electronic components manufacturer, we practice & other Don't accept nonconforming, manufacturing nonconforming, unqualified products & output throughout; Quality self-check management concept, to be perfect quality! Welcome to dial 0577 - 62627555, or click on the right side of the counseling online customer service! We serve you wholeheartedly!
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