Teach you a simple insert radiator assembly

by:Positioning     2021-05-22
Assemble a insert radiator probably need how long? 1 hour? Half an hour? Actually insert the radiator assembly is skilled, today we will to popularize the insert radiator assembly techniques. Before we insert radiator water radiator assembly first, first of all to unscrew the water injection, to check whether there is damage to the injection port, radiator internal rust, cover with water injection mouth closed tightly, if found to have abnormal, must change intact fittings again into the next phase of operation; The second example, the use of stents, card to insert radiator water radiator support installation, check whether the bracket mounting holes for hole, mounting hole position is correct, water radiator & other; U” Type slot width is appropriate; Third, the hoisting insert radiator group to the platform, adjust the position of the radiator group of hole between the ventilation hood and fan blade tip clearance must be within the scope of the set; Fourth, lifting oil radiator and water radiator, make its in erect state, uncovered the water radiator in and out of the gate, oil oil radiator in and out of the mouth of the shielding cover, check whether there is water inside the radiator, internal wall rust, whether there are oxide impurities, such as water, rust and impurities must be removed, to water and oil radiator radiator assembly; Fifth, decorate a drain, with water radiator mounting bracket base as a benchmark, drainage pipe bottom 300 mm length exceeds the stents, drain of qualified, too short, need to change the length of the suitable drain; For too long, the spare part will be cut out; Sixth, remove the oil radiator fence, check whether there is heat sinks scratch; 7, install the water radiator, check whether there is heat sinks scratch; Eighth, water radiator connected to the ventilation hood, oil radiator radiator connected with water; Ninth, check the water, the water drain valve at the bottom of the radiator, opening and closing is flexible and effective; Finally, insert the radiator pre-installed bolt sets, with open end wrench nut, removal lon-izing preloaded bolt, torque tighten mounting bolts, and paint pen marking. Insert the radiator assembly in place, to guarantee the normal operation of equipment, and extend the service life of equipment, so in the process of assembly must be sure to keep in mind the above points, must not careless. Insert the radiator, any design, unique appearance, custom cooling insert density is small, light weight, overall good bearing capacity, stable quality, trustworthy. With 1060 high quality aluminium alloy, corrosion resistance is stronger, the effect of heat dispelling better. Solve your difficult cooling requirements! Unified national service hotline: 62627555.
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