Take you on a full understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of a solid-state relay

by:Positioning     2021-01-15
Solid state relay is a kind of new contactless switching device, solid state relay thyristor can be done within the non-contact, no spark to connect and disconnect the circuit, greatly ensures the operation quality and safety of the equipment. At present, the application of solid state relay is more and more widely, and the function of its own unique advantages, solid state relay in many industries and fields in the promotion and popularization. The advantages of solid state relay: ( 1) High life, high reliability, no mechanical parts, solid-state relay contact functions performed by solid state devices, because there is no movement of the parts, so can in high shock, vibration environment, due to the inherent characteristics of composition of the solid state relay components, determines the long life of the solid state relay, high reliability. Solid state relay. ( 2) High sensitivity, small control power and good electromagnetic compatibility: solid state relay wide input voltage range, low driving power, can be compatible with most of the logic integrated circuit does not need to add buffer or drive. ( 3) Fast conversion: solid state relay because of using solid state devices, so the switching speed can be from a few milliseconds to a few microseconds. ( 4) Small electromagnetic interference: solid state relay no input & other; Coil & throughout; Touch the light, no arc and rebound, and thus reduce the electromagnetic interference. Most ac output, solid state relay is a zero voltage switch conduction at zero voltage, zero current shut off, and reduce the current waveform of suddenly, thus reducing the switching transient effect. However, solid state relay have some shortcomings and problems: ( 1) After conducting tube pressure drop is large, SCR, or positive decompression bidirectional silicon control can reach 1 ~ 2 v, high power transistor saturation voltage drop is between 1 ~ 2 v, general power field effect tube on resistance is a mechanical contact contact resistance. ( 2) Semiconductor devices shut final can still have microamps to several ma of leakage current, so you can't achieve the ideal electrical isolation. ( 3) , because of the large pipe pressure drop after the conduction of power consumption and heat output is big, the volume of high power solid state relay is far greater than with the capacity of electromagnetic relay, the cost is higher also. ( 4) Temperature characteristic of electronic components and electronic circuit anti-interference ability is poorer, radiation resistant ability is poor, if you don't take effective measures, the work reliability is low. ( 5) Solid state relay right with larger sensitivity, must use the fast fuse or RC buffer circuit for overload protection. Solid state relay load is associated with environmental temperature significantly, temperature, load capacity will drop rapidly. ( 6) There are state pressure drop (main shortcoming To the corresponding cooling measures) , has the off state leakage current, ac/dc not general, less number of sets of contact, the other over current, over voltage, voltage rising rate, current rising rate index error, etc. Solid state relay true experts, in order to your satisfaction, we really heart. If interested in our solid state relay or there is doubt, welcome your consultation.
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