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by:Positioning     2021-04-25
Solid state relay consists of three parts: input circuit, the isolation ( Coupling) And output circuit, after joining the input circuit control signal, IC1 photoelectric coupler in light activated triode conduction state, R1 concatenated resistance to current limit of input signal, to ensure that the optical coupler is not damaged. LED light-emitting diodes indicate the input control signal, VD1 prevents when the input signal positive and negative polarity meet the decoupling IC1 in order to protect the light. V1 in the line voltage detection effect, make the solid state relay in voltage, load current zero zero open shut off. When the cut-off IC1 light activated triode ( When no signal input control end) , V1 through R2 base current saturation conduction, so that the SCR silicon controlled rectifier gate trigger voltage UGT has clamp in low potential and in the off state, eventually leading to BTA triac on the control side gate R6 without triggering pulse in the off state. When conducting IC1 light activated triode ( When control side has signal input) , the working state of the SCR silicon controlled by ac voltage zero point detection triode V1 to determine its working condition. As the power supply voltage R2 and R3 partial pressure, A place when the voltage is greater than zero voltage ( 弗吉尼亚州> VBE1) , V1 saturation conduction state, SCR, BTA thyristor is in the off state; As the power supply voltage R2 and R3 partial pressure, A place when the voltage is less than zero voltage ( VA>VBE1) V1 area by the state, SCR silicon controlled rectifier trigger signal is acquired by R4 and conduction, so that the BTA in the R6 also get trigger signal also is conducting state, to shut off power load control. So when controlling the signal off patrol, load current is reduced to BTA bidirectional thyristor to maintain current IH can be shut off by itself, to cut off the load power supply. Zero type solid state relay communication, due to its voltage zero open, load current characteristics of the zero shut off. Its biggest connected, turn off time is half of the power cycle, on the load can be a complete sine wave. The corresponding also reduce the impact to the load. And in the corresponding control circuit of radio frequency interference is greatly reduced. In the input control circuit, the resistor R1 concatenated in IC1 photoelectric coupler input on the luminous tube current limiting protection, LED luminous tube for instructions to control the input signal, VD1 to protect the reverse bias voltage at the input. When no signal input control end, IC1 photoelectric coupler in the light activated triode is by the high impedance state, V1 through R2 its base current saturated conductivity, resulting in V2, V3 and V4 in by the state, make its solid state relay is shut off. When control side has signal input, the IC1 light activated triode conduction, make the V1 is by the state, which makes the V2, V3 and V4 conduction makes the status of solid state relay is switched on, and will power to the load, the output of the dc solid state relay with the increase of the input signal and conduction, the loss of signal and shut off. In addition, the output of the high power low voltage dc solid state relay switch widely used power field effect tube to replace the power transistor, in order to reduce the input power. Solid state relay true experts, in order to your satisfaction, we really heart. If interested in our solid state relay or there is doubt, welcome your consultation.
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