Solid state relay on the application of the PLC control

by:Positioning     2021-04-23
PLC as the output type transistor, the output unit to allow the work load power supply for DC 12 ~ 24 V, the standard method of direct drive AC contactor, pioneer only 12 ~ 24 V DC intermediate relay, reoccupy intermediate relay to bring AC 380 V load, thus makes the external connection become tedious, and because the traditional AC contactor for electromagnetic switch, the mechanical contact of the life and reliability of control system with PLC is far, significantly impedes the development of control system performance. Like this kind of load, therefore, we need to choose a more suitable relay & ndash; Solid state relay, to act as its controlled switching devices. 1, solid state relay characteristics and classification of the solid state relay SSR control relay is emerging in the world in recent years, the tiny signal relay with several ma can control the start and shut off of power load, is in keeping with the characteristics of the transistor output type PLC. And the input signal, Control point) And the output signal, Controlled side) Adopts photoelectric isolating circuit, ensure the noninterference input and output, the output end USES contactless power output circuit, the circuit with epoxy resin casting as a whole. Therefore, solid state relay run time no spark, no noise, no pollution, do not produce electromagnetic interference, than electromagnetic relay switch speed, small volume, long service life, resistant to shock, anti-corrosive, moistureproof, anticorrosive, output in through the instant the advantages of no vibration phenomenon, can be used under the environment of serious pollution and vibration, more has the very high sensitivity and anti-interference ability, are widely used in petroleum chemical industry equipment, lighting equipment, textile machinery, CNC lathe, entertainment facilities and other automatic control field, especially in the bad environment, such as corrosion, dustproof, explosion-proof, and frequently switch places. 2, the classification of solid state relay ac solid state relays according to switch mode voltage zero crossing points with conduction type and random conduction type; According to the output switch components have a bidirectional thyristor output type ( Ordinary) And one-way thyristor parallel type ( Enhanced) ; According to the installation points of printed circuit board with a needle type ( Natural cooling, not with the radiator) The device type and fixed on the metal base plate ( On the radiator cooling) ; Other input and wide range input ( DC 3~32 V) The constant current source type and series resistance current limiting type, etc. Single-phase active SSR for four terminal device, two of the input control side, the two outputs, for light isolation between input and output, the input and dc or pulse signal to a certain value, the output end can shift from off state to state. And three-phase ac solid state relays are integrating three single-phase ac solid state relays, and directly as a single input of three-phase load switch, can easily control the l a phase ac motor, heater, such as three-phase load, the picture shows the basic wiring diagram of three-phase ac solid state relays. Three-phase ac solid state relays facies asked, between the input and output, as well as between substrate and insulation voltage is greater than 2, 000 VAC, other basic indicators and corresponding single-phase solid state relay is the same. It should be pointed out that the actual load current is not big occasions, such as laboratory teaching, three-phase SSR use rise more convenient, but high current when the heating is also big, then use three single-phase SSR is more reliable. Solid state relay true experts, in order to your satisfaction, we really heart. If interested in our solid state relay or there is doubt, welcome your consultation.
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