Solid state relay need to install profiles radiator?

by:Positioning     2021-05-03
Solid state relay is generally need to install the profile radiator, because the solid state relay, are all controlled by the semiconductor conduction, solid state relay working current is big, inevitably generate heat, so you need to heat dissipation. The load capacity of a solid-state relay are greatly influenced by the environment temperature and the temperature rise of themselves, in the process of installation, shall ensure that its good cooling conditions, the rated working current in more than 10 a product should match the radiator, products of more than 100 a should match the radiator and fan strong cold. When installation should pay attention to the bottom of the relay good contact with the radiator, and consider appropriate thermal conductive silicone coating in order to achieve the best cooling effect. Production: SSR solid state relay communication control ac, dc control dc SSR solid-state relay, SSR solid state relay dc control ac, dc control ac three-phase solid, solid three-phase dc control communication, three-phase solid state exchange control exchange, R type solid state relay VA, industrial-grade solid state relay. Zhejiang rectifier co. , LTD. , is a solid state relay manufacturer, at the same time production of solid state relay radiator. Unified national service hotline: 0577 62627555.
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