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by:Positioning     2021-04-26
Solid state relay with its non-contact, long life, low speed, interference, etc, are widely used in various fields and industry at present. But, about the structure of the solid state relay, many companies do not fully understand. Below is the introduction of the structure of solid state relay, hope for equipment fault diagnosis and maintenance play a role. Input circuit: different categories according to the input voltage, input circuit can be divided into dc input circuit, ac input circuit and three kinds of ac/dc input circuit. Also has some input control circuit with TTL/CMOS compatible, and the positive and negative logic control of equal function, can be convenient and TTL, MOS logic circuit connection. For the control signals of the control voltage is fixed, adopt impedance input circuit. Control current guarantee in greater than 5 ma. For large variation range of control signals ( Such as 3 ~ 32 v) Using constant current circuit, ensure throughout the voltage change within the scope of the current work in greater than 5 ma is reliable. Isolation coupling: solid state relay the input and output of the isolation and coupling circuit with photoelectric coupling and transformer coupling of two kinds: photoelectric coupling often use photodiode & ndash; The photoelectric triode, photoelectric diode & ndash; The bidirectional optical controllable silicon photovoltaic cells, the control side and load side isolation control; High-frequency transformer coupling is the use of the input control signals produced by high frequency signal by the coupling to the secondary, self-excited by the rectification rectification, form processing logic circuit drive letter. Output circuit: SSR power switch of the direct access to the source and load end, realize the load power supply switch on and off. Main use high power transistor ( Switch tube - Transistor) , one-way thyristor ( Thyristor or SCR) , the bidirectional thyristor ( 双向可控硅) And power field effect tube ( MOSFET) Type, insulated gate bipolar transistor ( IGBT) 。 Solid state relay output circuit can be divided into dc output circuit, ac output circuit and ac/dc output circuit, etc. According to the load type, can be divided into dc solid state relay and solid state relay communication. Can use bipolar devices or the output of the dc power field effect tube, usually use two silicon controlled the output of the communication or a bidirectional thyristor. And solid state relay communication can be divided into single-phase ac solid state relays and three-phase ac solid state relays. Ac solid state relays, according to the timing of the conduction and shut off, can be divided into random ac solid state relay and zero type ac solid state relays. Solid state relay true experts, in order to your satisfaction, we really heart. If interested in our solid state relay or there is doubt, welcome your consultation.
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