Soft start of the module 4 protection function

by:Positioning     2020-12-08
Soft start module, also known as the soft starter, is currently the most commonly used electronic components. The principle of soft start module is to use different methods to control three parallel thyristor conduction Angle, instead make was charged with the input voltage of motor vary according to the requirement of the different, can realize different functions. Soft start compared with frequency conversion start, soft start is more security and stability, can effectively avoid the damage to the equipment, the current implementation start equipment safety. At the same time, the soft start module are lower than those of inverter components such as price, more competitive. The protective function of soft start module is as follows: ( 1) Soft start module overload protection function: soft starter has introduced the current control loop, and track the change of the motor current situation at any time. By increasing overload current setting and inverse time control mode, to realize the function of overload protection, make the motor overload, turn off thyristor and send out alarm signal. ( 2) Soft start module open phase protection function: work, soft starter to detect the change of the three phase line current, at any time in the event of cutoff, open phase protection response. ( 3) Soft start module overheating protection function: through the soft starter of internal thermal relay testing thyristor radiator temperature, once the radiator temperature exceeds allowable values automatically after turn off thyristor, and send out alarm signal. ( 4) Soft start other function modules: through the combination of electronic circuit, can be realized in the system and other interlocking protection. Above, is to protect soft start module function of collating and interpretation, hope to help you! Soft start module true experts, in order to your satisfaction, we really heart. If interested in our soft start module or there is doubt, welcome your consultation.
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