Small encyclopedia: quickly discern the stand or fall of welding heat sink

by:Positioning     2021-06-05
Electric welding machine is one of the aluminum radiator, radiator is widely used in electric welding machine and other automation equipment. Welding quality and the quality of the radiator is inseparable, follow below take a look at how quickly discern the stand or fall of welding heat sink! ! ! ! First to ask the thickness of the plate, the thickness of the plate directly affects the service life of the welder radiator, usually should be in 1. 25 mm advisable, but some producers to cut corners, the plank of the actual thickness thin, than it claims the most simple identification method is raised a set of heat sink DianDian its weight, the second is in the selection of electric welding machine radiator, first of all should take into account the heat dissipation power, the machine installation using what kind of heat? Is the cold, air cooling or water cooling. (1) using the cold, fin spacing must be considered. Minimum depth of 10 mm to choose more than 4 mm distance; Depth of 20 mm must choose more than 5 mm distance; 30 mm minimum depth to choose more than 7 mm distance; Depth over 40 mm minimum choose 9 mm distance, otherwise the effect not beautiful. (2) using air cooling, must take into account the wind resistance. Since the size of the wind resistance directly influence the cooling effect and the life of fan. (3) the water. Please pay attention to the water quality, water flow rate and inlet and outlet direction, it is forbidden to leave the air in the interior of the welding heat sink. In addition, electric welding machine the material of radiator is is closely linked with the quality! Due to the nature of the material of the aluminum alloy acid-proof alkaline corrosion, oxidation resistance, but easily; Steel of high strength, ability of alkaline, but prone to oxidation corrosion; The corrosion resistance of copper etc comprehensive performance is good, but the water too much, or miscellaneous copper sulfide corrosion, and the mechanical strength of copper on the low side. Countries for aluminum alloy welding radiator and wall thickness in 2. 5 mm below the welding steel radiator, must be embalmed, coating anticorrosive coating. On welder radiator of choose and buy when, can draw lessons from the way we said above, to pick out high quality welding machine radiator. Welder radiator, any design, custom unique appearance, cooling insert density is small, the overall light weight, good bearing capacity, stable quality, trustworthy. With 1060 high quality aluminium alloy, corrosion resistance is stronger, the effect of heat dispelling better. Solve your difficult heat dissipation requirements of zhejiang rectifier co. , LTD. & ndash; Domestic professional welder radiator manufacturer, we practice & other Don't accept nonconforming, manufacturing nonconforming, unqualified products & output throughout; Quality self-check management concept, to be perfect quality! Welcome to dial 0577 - 62627555, or click the counseling online customer service! We serve you wholeheartedly!
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