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by:Positioning     2021-02-16
When applying effective solid state relay input control signals, along with the model of single-phase solid state relay output immediately conduction ( The rate of microsecond) , while the zero type single-phase solid state relay wait to load voltage zero area ( About & plusmn; 15V) When open the conduction. When the input after cancel the control signal, through the zero type and with the model of single-phase solid state relay are shut off when less than maintaining current. Although the zero type single-phase solid state relay is likely to cause maximum delay half a cycle, but reduces the impact load and radio frequency interference, become the ideal switch devices, in & other; Single-pole single-throw & throughout; The most widely used in switch places. With the model of single-phase solid state relay is the feature of reaction speed, it can control the phase shifting trigger pulse to easily change the ac grid voltage, which is applied to precise temperature adjustment, dimming impedance load and part of inductive load. Zero type single-phase solid state relay used for & other; Switch & throughout; Switch ( From & other; Switch & throughout; In terms of switching function is equivalent to the ordinary solid state relay or contactor) Single-phase solid state relay, we often speak of majority for zero type ( The zero type single-phase solid state relay only & other; Switch & throughout; Can't & other; Regulating & throughout; ) 。 With the model of single-phase solid state relay is mainly used for & other; Chopper voltage regulation & throughout; ( But along with the model of single-phase solid state relay control signals must be synchronous with power grid and rising in 0 & deg; - 180° Change within the scope of the square wave signal to realize the voltage regulator, a single voltage signal or 0 5 v analog signals cannot make its voltage regulation, from & other; Regulating & throughout; The perspective of function with the model of single-phase solid state relay is completely different from the ordinary single phase solid state relay or contactor) 。 One thing must be emphasized that all kinds of pressure regulating module or as the output of the contact devices inside the single-phase solid state relay are thyristor module, and relied on change thyristor conduction Angle to achieve & other; Regulating & throughout; Purpose, so the output voltage waveform are & other; Missing Angle & throughout; The sine wave, Different from the coupling voltage regulator output complete sine wave) , there are higher harmonic, have noise, the grid has certain & other; Pollution & throughout; ( Domestic and foreign similar products are the same, this is determined by the principle of chopping regulating) 。 Solid state relay & ndash; Domestic professional solid state relay manufacturer, if you are looking for the production of single phase solid state relay, three-phase solid state relay, industrial-grade solid state relay etc. Interested or have any questions, please click our online customer service. Solid state relay & ndash; Your side of the solid state relay professional manufacturers.
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