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by:Positioning     2021-02-20
Single-phase solid state relay or thyristor module of calorific value is mainly related to the actual current driven load, and the level of current size has little to do with itself. The calculation formula of calorific value ( Two) : 1: single-phase solid state relay, single-phase ac voltage regulating module, R series voltage regulator for solid calorific value = actual load current ( Amp) × 1. 5 watts/amps for three-phase solid state relay, three-phase ac voltage regulator module, the sum of the actual load current shall be the actual three-phase load current. 2: single-phase full controlled rectifier module for calorific value = actual load current ( Amp) × 3. 0 watts/amp. Radiator the role of single-phase solid state relay or thyristor module distributed heat, cooling effect is not only related to the size of the radiator, also with the environment temperature ( Season) , ventilation conditions ( Natural cooling or forced cooling and air volume size) And installation density factors, etc. Radiator reference standard: to make single-phase solid state relay or thyristor module of base plate ( And radiator interface) Temperature shall not exceed 80 ℃. So in the practical application can be installed in the radiator surface near the edge of the solid state relay or module ( Less than 20 mm) Install a 75 ℃ temperature switch ( With a normally closed contact) The single-phase series with solid state relay or module control signals for the normally closed contact, so that when testing point temperature exceeds 75 ℃, normally closed contact jumped, cut off the control signal, forced to shut down the output of the solid state relay or module, so that it is protected. Generally the actual current in each phase of more than 50 a, installation of high density, environment temperature, had better use temperature switch protection. Choose the radiator, besides considering the above factors to consider single-phase solid state relay volume and the radiator can match or thyristor module itself, as well as the radiator in the installation space in the cabinet. But in the end to ensure that even in the worst cases of single-phase solid state relay or thyristor module motherboard temperature shall not exceed 80 ℃. Single-phase solid state relay true experts, in order to your satisfaction, we really heart. If interested in our single phase solid state relay or there is doubt, welcome your consultation.
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