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by:Positioning     2021-02-18
Single-phase solid state relay with no mechanical contact, and other mechanical parts, so its reliability is very high, long life, at the moment on and off switch will not produce electric spark, and no noise, its switch speed is quick, the working frequency is high; And because of the single phase solid state relay adopted between the input and output of photoelectric coupler, therefore also has a good anti-jamming performance. Another significant characteristics of single-phase solid state relay is the control input list 3 + 4 a terminal of the driving voltage dynamic range is big, generally for dc DC10 ~ 18 v, communication control 1 ~ 2 ~ two control conduction of ac voltage control of pile are also AC24 ~ 380 v, control current depending on single phase solid state relay on the annotation of the rated current numerical control. General small single-phase solid state relay control current in 10 ~ 40 a. General 1 ~ for the power supply into line, the line 2 ~ for the output to the load, the single phase inside the solid state relay is a bidirectional thyristor, even with 1 ~ 2 ~ two wrong can be normal use. And its 3十 4 a drive current demand is not big, the only need to input a small signal to it, can complete control of the circuit system. Note its 3十 4 one or two terminals can't wrong, otherwise unable to work. Due to the single-phase solid state relay has the above characteristics, thus can be directly by TTL and CMos digital circuit drive, so the single phase solid state relay in digital programmable device, data processing system of terminals and other widely used in industrial automatic control system. Many different kinds of solid state relay, have ac single-phase, three-phase communication. So when choosing single-phase solid state relay, according to the control of the load on the power supply circuit to match. Above of single-phase solid state relay for ac single-phase solid state relay ( AC - SSR) , it can also be single phase dc solid state relay ( DC - SSR) 。 Ac single-phase solid state relay to control ac load voltage on and off, the output switch device for two-way thyristor; Single-phase solid state relay to control dc load and dc power supply on and off, its internal output device for high power single-phase thyristor. Solid state relay & ndash; Domestic professional solid state relay manufacturer, if you are looking for the production of single phase solid state relay, three-phase solid state relay, industrial-grade solid state relay etc. Interested or have any questions, please click our online customer service. Solid state relay & ndash; Your side of the solid state relay professional manufacturers.
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