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by:Positioning     2021-02-17
Single-phase solid state relay because there is no mechanical contact, and other mechanical parts, so it has high reliability, and long service life. Single-phase solid state relay at the instant of the make and break won't produce edm, less noise, its switch speed is quick, the working frequency is high. Detailed below under the single phase type and the structure of solid state relay. Solid state relay type: according to the load power supply controlled by distinguishing between ac solid state relays ( AC - SSR) And the flow field of relay ( DC - SSR) 。 Solid state relay to control ac load power on and off, the output of bidirectional thyristor switch device. Dc solid state relay to control dc load power on and off, the output switch device for high power thyristor. The structure of the single phase solid state relay: mountain input circuit and output circuit composed of two parts. Input circuit for a light corner machine, it can play a role segregation and control. Output circuit is composed of trigger circuit and switch circuit, when light is thick and the combiner of light-emitting diodes (leds) have no electricity, switch output circuit is disconnected, when leds electric light, the light fused circuit output signal, after amplification of trigger circuit, the output circuit of the switch element reach saturation conduction state, thus completed to the load circuit on and off. Zhejiang co. , LTD. Is specialized in the production of electric power regulator rectifier, solid state relay and thyristor module, thyristor module and other products of high and new technology enterprise. Leading power regulator technology, solid state relay and thyristor SCR through professional design improvement, now under the customer the consistent high praise. Welcome to inquire: 0577 62627555.
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