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by:Positioning     2021-02-19
Single-phase solid state relay is composed of input circuit, the isolation and output circuit of three parts. According to the different categories of input voltage, the input circuit can be divided into dc input circuit, ac input circuit and three kinds of ac/dc input circuit. Some of the input control circuit also has with TTL/CMOS compatible, positive and negative logic control and the equal function. Single-phase solid state relay the input and output of the isolation and coupling circuit has two kinds of photoelectric coupling and transformer coupling. Solid state relay output circuit can be divided into dc output circuit, ac output circuit and ac/dc output circuit, etc. Ac output, we usually use two thyristor or a bidirectional thyristor, can use bipolar devices or the output of the dc power field effect tube. When compared to dc solid state relay and ac solid state relays, no zero control circuit, also don't have to set the absorbing circuit, switching devices generally use high-power switch triode, other working principle is the same. Single-phase solid state relay when use should be paid attention to: 1. Single-phase solid state relay load for the inductive load, such as dc electromagnetic valve or electromagnet, and should be on both ends of the load in parallel a diode, the diode current shall be equal to the current work, the working voltage of the voltage should be more than 4 times. 2. A single-phase solid state relay work should try to make it close to the load, its output pin should meet the needs of the load current. 3. Single use solid state relay power belongs to the communication of the step-down rectifier, the filtering electrolytic capacitor should be big enough. 4. Single-phase solid state relay right load capacity have larger sensitivity, must use the fast fuse or RC buffer circuit for protection. Solid state relay load is associated with environmental temperature significantly, temperature, load capacity will drop rapidly. Single-phase solid state relay true experts, in order to your satisfaction, we really heart. If interested in our single phase solid state relay or there is doubt, welcome your consultation.
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