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by:Positioning     2021-02-19
As is known to all, there are strict current in single-phase solid state relay voltage control, however, many people are buying single-phase solid state relay but I don't know the single phase solid state relay, often occurs a single-phase solid state relay installed go up and then broken, or the size is not what you want? So the question comes, how we should avoid making mistakes of choose and buy? Together, single-phase solid state relay with small make up take you to understand how the right to choose the suitable single phase solid state relay. Step 1: understand single-phase solid state relay single-phase solid state relay currently has been widely used in computer peripheral interface devices, electric heating thermostat system, CNC machinery, remote control systems, industrial automation device; Light, flasher, lighting lighting control system; Instrumentation, medical equipment, copiers, automatic washing machines; Automatic fire control, security systems, as well as the grid power factor compensation of power capacitor switch, etc. , in the chemical industry, coal mine explosion-proof, moistureproof, anticorrosion occasions such as a large number of use. But most people don't know when the choose and buy single-phase solid state relay principle of single-phase solid state relay, also don't know how to choose and buy of single-phase solid state relay. Actually very simple, single phase solid state relay can be roughly divided into ac solid state relays according to switch mode voltage zero crossing points with conduction type ( Zero type) And random conduction type ( Along with the models for short) ; ; According to the installation points on the printed circuit board with needle type ( Natural cooling, not with the radiator) The device type and fixed on the metal base plate ( Need radiator cooling) ; Other input and wide range input ( DC3-32V) The constant current source type and series resistance current limiting type; According to the output switch components have a bidirectional thyristor output type ( Ordinary) And one-way thyristor parallel type ( Enhanced) And so on. Step 2: the model of single-phase solid state relay and the choose and buy of single-phase solid state relay generally marked with input current and input voltage, output current and voltage, the state average current, frequency and adapt to the working environment temperature and the detailed dimension. Generally when we choose single phase solid state relay, understanding the type size need mass of voltage and current situation, don't know the details ask our online customer service or directly call 15306880222, state own current voltage need, we will give you the first time in response to solve your doubts. The appearance of single-phase solid state relay products in the same part of the label will show the specifications of the product information. Make sure your installation of the model is correct, prevent the installation error and cannot be used. Step 3: choose to suit their own correct single-phase single-phase solid state relays, solid state relay to choose suits own single-phase solid state relay products not only to see the model output voltage and current input range, but also understand the illustrations of the single-phase solid state relay, in order to prevent the different companies have different restrictions and use the matters needing attention. Single-phase solid state relay small make up in the end, I hope you the choose and buy when single-phase solid state relay to understand product model in detail, in order to avoid spent money, bring unnecessary trouble and obsession. Solid state relay & ndash; Domestic professional solid state relay manufacturer, if you are looking for the production of single phase solid state relay, three-phase solid state relay, industrial-grade solid state relay etc. Interested or have any questions, please click our online customer service. Solid state relay & ndash; Your side of the solid state relay professional manufacturers.
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