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by:Positioning     2021-02-18
Single-phase solid state relay is composed of semiconductor devices have no contactor switch device, it than the electromagnetic relay has reliable operation, long life, small to outside interference, compatible with logic circuit, strong anti-interference ability, fast switching speed, no spark, no noise and easy to use, and a series of advantages, therefore single-phase solid state relay has wide application field, has the potential of gradually replacing the traditional electromagnetic relay, and further extended to many fields of application of traditional electromagnetic relay, such as the computer's input/output interface, peripheral and terminal equipment. In some shock resistant, resistant to moisture, corrosion, explosion-proof special working environment and requirements such as high reliability of the workplace, are compared with the traditional electromagnetic relay has incomparable superiority, and the shortcoming of single phase solid state relay is overload capacity low, easy to influenced by temperature and radiation, on and off impedance than smaller. Phase dc solid state relay is divided into single-phase solid state relay and ac single-phase solid state relay, the output of the former USES the transistor, the output using thyristor. (a) Is single phase structure of solid state relay communication, active for four terminal device, in which two terminals for the input control, while at both ends for controlled output end. In order to realize electrical isolation between the input and output, using the high pressure of photoelectric coupler device. When applying the input signal, the output is conduction, otherwise the blocking state. Ac single-phase solid state relay triggered form can be divided into two kinds of, zero pressure and phase modulation. Right b) Is the job of the two types of trigger waveform figure. Zero pressed the trigger of single-phase solid state relay with internal communication in the form of zero crossing detection circuit ( Phase modulation type) After, when the input signal, only when the load voltage reaches zero, the output level of thyristor module to conduction, so may produce half maximum power cycle delay, after the input signal cancellation, the load current is lower than the thyristor module to maintain current, thyristor turn-off. Due to work load current approximate sine wave, high order harmonic interference is small, so the application is very extensive. Phase modulation type trigger ac single phase in the form of solid state relay, when applying the input signal, the output level of the thyristor module conduction, immediately shut off the same as the former way. Main parameters of single-phase solid state relay with input voltage and input current, output voltage, output current, output, leakage current, etc. Solid state relay & ndash; Domestic professional solid state relay manufacturer, if you are looking for the production of single phase solid state relay, three-phase solid state relay, industrial-grade solid state relay etc. Interested or have any questions, please click our online customer service. Solid state relay & ndash; Your side of the solid state relay professional manufacturers.
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