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by:Positioning     2021-02-01
Main production of thyristor modules, it is generally known, and the role of thyristor module in mining is to be reckoned with! This paper is to introduce a can be used to mine explosion-proof energy-saving thyristor module of battery locomotive speed control device. At present, the mine battery locomotive speed regulating speed resistance speed controller is mostly, in use process, because of high energy consumption, poor safety explosion protection performance and bring many problems using the enterprise. It is understood that the thyristor module speed regulating device by SCR chopper, controller and flame-proof box, has features of simple circuit, economization, explosion-proof, the voltage adjusting range in 10% ~ 90% battery voltage, to adapt to the surrounding medium temperature in the 20 ~ 40 ℃, the environment pressure of 80 ~ 110 kpa, has good adaptability and adjustable range. According to enterprise technical personnel, the product has two characteristics: one is the speed of new technology by using thyristor module, make the locomotive starting smooth, uniform speed, overload capacity is strong, compared with the resistance type speed regulating device, save electric energy 20%, but also extend the service life of the battery; Second is to use explosion-proof box, greatly improving the safety factor of the device, not only adapted to the methane outburst mine, better suited to contain other explosive gas. The device has passed the certification of national mine product testing and technical.
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