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by:Positioning     2021-02-21
Thyristor module is also commonly known as power semiconductor module, mainly with the method of module encapsulation, has three p-n junction four layer structure of high power semiconductor devices, this article introduce the three advantages of single phase SCR module. 1, thyristor module of small size, good reliability of 2, light weight, compact structure, simple outside wiring and has good compatibility, is very beneficial to repair and installation 3, structure, good repeatability, make the equipment mechanical design can simplify, single-phase thyristor module cost to much lower onto the device from the perspective on the chip, the main can be divided into two type of thyristor module and rectifier module. Divided from the scope of its application, there are mainly ordinary thyristor module, ordinary rectifier module, ordinary thyristor, rectifier module, fast thyristor, rectifier and mixed module, non insulated thyristor, rectifier and mixed module, output SCR three-phase rectifier bridge module, single-phase rectifier bridge module and single phase half controlled bridge module single-phase if interested in our single phase SCR module or there is doubt, welcome your consultation.
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