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by:Positioning     2021-04-27
Well-known silicon controlled voltage regulator called the single-phase intelligent solid silicon controlled voltage regulator module, also known as the thyristor adjustable dynamometer, thyristor voltage regulator, thyristor regulator, SCR power meter, silicon controlled rectifier regulator. Is a kind of based on thyristor, with special power supply control circuit as the core power control electronics. Silicon controlled voltage regulator used in three-phase load, one-way thyristor output. Using two silicon controlled hybrid technology, the realization of 0 380 v stepless voltage regulation, providing efficient heat management, and improve the service life cycle. Silicon controlled voltage regulator 0 v to 220 v, is the most common adjustable voltage. How do the silicon controlled voltage regulator selection? 1, the first full voltage when the load current, and then multiplied by the margin depending on the type of load coefficient. Impedance load factor 3 times; Inductive load coefficient for 5 times. Example: the resistance of 380 v 9 kw load. 9 * 3 = 71 kw / 380 v 90 2, resistance load refers to: a specification of incandescent lamp, resistance wire, oven, heating rods perceptual load refers to: transformers, coils, fan motor, water pump motor 3, cannot use the load: household appliances ( Such as TV sets, computers) , carry the electric equipment of switch power supply, not empty silicon controlled voltage regulator zero passage trigger technology, low interference, wide application; The load voltage, small size, high speed, long service life; Insulating the chip and the bottom; Control input LED lamp; Output terminal adopts thyristor voltage steady flow. If you are interested in silicon controlled voltage regulator or have any questions, please click our online customer service or call 15306880222, we are waiting for you!
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