Share the use of thyristor rectifier bridge method

by:Positioning     2021-02-24
As we all know, in the past on the ac/dc servo drive slow electrical applications, in order to prevent the electricity when large current of rectifier bridge, the impact of the power capacitor, most used ordinary three-phase rectifier bridge + relay control way to realize slow to electricity, the main disadvantage of this method are: derive general relay contact capacity can't satisfy the high power applications, contact through the large current when fever, lines) fever is very serious, working under high temperature and high heat environment especially; Derive the normal operation process, such as for some reason cause the relay with large current and off or disconnect, it's easy to cause damage of relay, and even cause damage to the drive circuit; His response time is long, in the power system of power grid when instability may still cause of rectifier bridge has a large current shock; Cardiac compression problem: due to the contact through the power circuit for high current, inevitable requirement between the lines and contact insulation requirements is very high, and now it is hard to buy such a relay. Therefore, in order to solve the above shortcomings, specifically introduced the thyristor ( Silicon controlled rectifier) Three-phase rectifier bridge, without changing the original rectifier bridge, installation, appearance, size, embedded YiHuan electricity dedicated silicon controlled, easy to simplify the circuit design, in order to further improve product reliability. If you are looking for our thyristor ( Silicon controlled rectifier) Three-phase rectifier bridge tube interested or want to know more details, welcome to click our online customer service for consultation, or directly dial the unified national service hotline: 0577 - 62627555
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