Select type KP thyristor three principles

by:Positioning     2020-12-07
Well-known high-power thyristor rectifier element KP type, one-way flow of brake characteristics, that is to say when the anode voltage of timing, after the gate into a positive pulse, components from breaking into conduction. KP type selection of thyristor performance parameters and testing and failure analysis, in the practical use is extremely important. This for the application of the bidirectional thyristor technology is also has certain reference significance. KP type thyristor is controllable device of main loop switch executive components, its performance, quality, directly related to the reliability and stability of complete sets of equipment operation. So, the reasonable choice and correct use of components is an important measure to ensure reliable and safe operation of the complete sets of equipment. Is combined with some examples, from the perspective of application, briefly introduces several basic parameter calculation and selection of components principle, and the problems should be paid attention to in use. A, selection principles because the device has small volume, big power, fast switching speed, anti sensitive control, overload ability, must be safe and reliable, reasonable economic when choose. The basic principle of select element in general can be summarized as the following respects. 1. Master element performance parameters of the choice of element, not only need to understand its basic working principle, more important is a comprehensive grasp of its performance parameters. These parameters are the basis of correct selection and reasonable use silicon controlled rectifier. 2. According to the characteristics of applied circuit line form, form a lot, power relations complex ( Can see other information) , have different characteristics, so according to the specific route selection. 3. To understand the nature of the load load, different properties for components impact on the working state. Resistive load, the components in the power supply voltage zero is shut off, the inductive load, the element is in the power supply voltage was closed after zero, conduction time is long; Capacitive load, the components in the power supply voltage zero before they can be shut off, the conduction time is short. In a circuit, therefore, in addition to take the necessary additional measures to improve the operation of the work, according to the nature of the load and reasonable choice of element parameters is very important. Forever only a little more than a rival, rectifier is more consider for the customer. If interested in our KP type thyristor or there is doubt, welcome your consultation. We wholeheartedly for your service
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