SCR and brake pipe which is more suitable for application in the electric induction heating industry?

by:Positioning     2021-02-05
In the traditional electric induction heating power devices used in the industry generally USES separate single thyristor + thyristor trigger board way to finish their primary or secondary voltage regulation transformer. Due to heating industry often bad work environment, dust float in the sky, the temperature change is bigger, high humidity, trigger plate will be shown after the long hours work disorder, cause the thyristor breakdown, lead to production equipment, products, such as scrap, causing serious losses to the production, and common electrician was unable to complete the maintenance work, must be professional. In order to avoid the above problems, had better use sealing good, work environment adaptable, easy installation and maintenance of the thyristor module to replace the traditional way. Thyristor module is the main circuit and the moving to trigger system ( The trigger board) Integrated packaging together inside a plastic shell, thereby eliminating the connecting cables between thyristor trigger board, thyristor and connecting line between the thyristor. Reduced the risk of wrong wiring, easy maintenance, common electrician to complete the operation, save personnel costs, the trigger board encapsulated in the module, the environment of the dust, moisture, etc will not affect its, increase the reliability. Thyristor module in the field of electric induction heating application is very extensive, SCR has good advantages in such aspects as performance, therefore was welcomed by the manufacturers of most of the electric induction heating. If you want to learn more thyristor module and the brake pipe module information, immediate login website, or call customer service hotline at 0577-24 h 62627555,http://www。 kunerjing。 Com/welcome you!
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