Prevention of thyristor module five method of excitation device is out of control

by:Positioning     2020-11-17
Thyristor module excitation device is out of control of the reason is very much, regular maintenance is to reduce the problem of the method, the usual time must be carried out on the plant inspection regularly, in order to avoid taking equipment control method effectively at the same time, the following is detailed to introduce for everybody to prevent thyristor module excitation device is out of control of five methods: (1) three phase trigger output pulse width, amplitude and phase is normal, if dc output waveform three-phase asymmetry, can adjust the trigger pulse phase. (2) if change the stream tube stream pipe of the pressure drop, the better, the better, it is best not more than 0. 5V。 (3) trigger very often lead to keep in good condition, avoid truncation leads to pulse. (4) the use of the oscilloscope regularly check the dc output waveform controlled bridge, to ensure that in adjusting the range of dc output waveform of the three-phase controlled bridge is complete and the size is basically the same. 5. Replace the thyristor, silicon components of positive and reverse blocking voltage not less than the voltage of the original factory, silicon controlled rectifier to maintain current more than 50 ma, silicon components cannot be best choice in the market, must be in formal manufacturers choose to guarantee the reliability of the famous technical indicators.
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