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by:Positioning     2021-05-30
Inserting disk radiator has good corrosion resistance and pressure resistance, insufficient place is adornment sex difference. The advantages of steel radiator can make all kinds of shapes, adornment sex is good, but the corrosion resistance is difficult to meet the domestic heat medium water quality, thermal efficiency than other plate radiator. Steel aluminum composite radiator is using the zoom function of aluminum fin heat conduction, but the built-in didn't change it. Inserted steel plate radiator and radiator all have optional performance is the production of various kinds of different shapes of the radiator, but stainless steel heat transfer performance than steel radiator is all different materials thermal conductivity of the lowest in the radiator, and the welding process is more difficult, using high temperature welding destroyed its physical properties, but poor corrosion resistance, low temperature welding product cost is high, the strength is difficult to guarantee. Inserting disk radiator, though not like steel and stainless steel radiators of different shape, but it has the radiator performance, thermal efficiency high corrosion resistance is strong, good durability, energy conservation and environmental protection in the course of using, light weight, adornment sex is better also, confined pressure can satisfy domestic heating. Integrated all kinds of different material radiator, inserting disk radiator should be advantage to share the most. Although higher than other products, but its use cost low, according to the service life of the thrust plate radiator 20 years, its investment and running cost is lower than the cheapest cast iron radiators. In the consumer market, our customers don't realize the energy saving and environmental protection consciousness in the radiator to run, it should be said that our thrust plate radiator manufacturer has an obligation to the consumer to popularize this knowledge, and we have a duty to the product to develop in the direction of energy conservation and environmental protection. Inserting disk radiator manufacturer, has been the country's 300 cities 3000 corporate clients choose together, providing customized solutions for 36 industry. If you want to purchase plate radiator, please click our online customer service. Inserting disk radiator & ndash; 36 personality customization of the industry.
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