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by:Positioning     2021-01-14
Plate type thyristor as inverter within one of the indispensable main accessories are known, then the characteristics of plate type thyristor what? Here is for everyone to explain in detail the characteristics of plate type thyristor under: is & other; Explosive & throughout; 。 However, if the anode or control plus is reverse voltage, plate type can't thyristor conduction. Control is extremely role by adding positive trigger thyristor conduction, but can't make it shut off. So, with what method can make the conducting plate type thyristor turn-off? The conduction of turn off thyristor module, can disconnect the anode power supply ( The switch S in figure 3) Or conduction of keeping anode current is less than the minimum value ( Called to maintain current) 。 If the plate type thyristor applied between the anode and the cathode is the ac voltage or pulsating dc voltage, so, in the voltage zero, plate type thyristor will shut off by itself. Classification is to sum up: 1. With a small power control larger power, power magnification can reach hundreds of thousands of times 2. Control sensitivity, fast response, plate type of thyristor 3 microsecond conduction and deadline. Loss is small, flat plate pressure drop of the thyristor itself is only around 1 v 4. Small volume, light weight, zhejiang has 16 years of plate type thyristor production and application experience, won numerous praise in the industry, deeply the general customers trust! About the question of any plate type thyristor and technical support, welcome your call at any time, free consultation telephone: 0577 - 62627555
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