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by:Positioning     2021-01-13
Plate type thyristor in a variety of electrical equipment used in great quantities, can realize to control the circuit conduction, simultaneously has the high stability and safety. In normal state, plate type thyristor remained in the on state. When the plate type thyristor module receives less control signal, the trigger or & other; Ignition & throughout; Make its way through, once the ignition if evacuation trigger signal it also keep on state, to make it as can be between anode and cathode and its reverse voltage or current through the thyristor will be reduced to below a certain value. Plate type thyristor can work under the condition of high voltage, high current, high pressure, large capacity, small volume, etc. Plate type thyristor is one of the major role is regulated steady flow. It is a high power switch type semiconductor device, is widely used in electric power, electronic circuit. SCR has a one-way, two-way, can be shut off and electric several types which has small volume, light weight, high efficiency, long service life, convenient control, is extensively used in controlled rectifier, voltage regulator, inverter, and non-contact switch, etc. Various kinds of automatic control and high power electric energy conversion. Zhejiang rectifier co. , LTD. , the production of various kinds of specifications models of thyristor module, thyristor module, solid state relay module, rectifier bridge module, such as supporting the radiator products, sincerely look forward to the cooperation with various companies and procurement staff, to provide affordable, quality and reliable electronic components. Consultation telephone: 0577 - 62627555, we serve you wholeheartedly!
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