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by:Positioning     2021-01-06
Some enterprises in the use of rectifier bridge rupture. The filter capacitor smoke. Further examination revealed severe fever rectifier bridge, because the pin was cut short after tight Dian board installation. Its surrounding focal yellow board has presented. Brake pipe module network to introduce you: 1, the reason in the circuit, communication is the positive half cycle D1, D3 conduction; When the negative half D2 and D4 conduction; At the same time after two diode rectifier current. Baiyu positive pressure for ordinary rectifier diode is about 1 v, and the pressure drop of the rectifier bridge outside of 2 v. If the rectifier bridge output current is 1. 5 a, the loss of the rectifier bridge is about 3 w, visible heat dissipation of the rectifier bridge itself should be taken into consideration. Close to the board if rectifier bridge, and the surrounding components ( Such as filter capacitance, etc. ) Too close. It cannot be effective heat, may be overheating damage. 2, the countermeasures of the heating element pins don't cut too short, should be suspended between the bottom and the board; At the same time interval and the surrounding components. Rectifier bridge pile ( s2vB20) The length and the lead through the current curve. The shorter the lead. The smaller the allowed by the current. In addition. Adopt the positive pressure drop small schottky barrier diode ( SBD) Rectifier, its pressure drop is only 0. 5 v。 Can reduce the loss and fever. More about thyristor knowledge welcome login website. Rectifier bridge & ndash; — Every year, every day, we are in progress, only to see your happy smile. If interested in our rectifier bridge or there is doubt, rectifier welcome your consultation, we wholeheartedly at your service!
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