Parameter selection of thyristor module

by:Positioning     2020-11-18
Thyristor module is also called the thyristor module, in high voltage, high current applications, in thyristor module parameters choice, many users often don't know how to choose, then by thyristor module manufacturer to explain for you. ( 1) Thyristor module to the choice of voltage thyristor module work, must be able to power frequency repeatedly subjected to certain overvoltage and not affect their work, so positive and negative to the peak voltage parameter VDRM, VRRM should guarantee 2 - in the use of voltage peak More than 3 times. ( 2) Thyristor module of selecting parameters of the rated working current is rated current of the thyristor module under certain conditions IT quite chase state average current. Due to the work of the converter, the arm of the thyristor module may have uneven flow factors, and it is usually less than 170 ℃ conduction Angle. So its rated current should choose their normal working current average value of 1. 5 - 2. 0 times. ( 3) Thyristor module gate ( Control level) The choice of parameters of thyristor (pipe die test to make it by blocking gate control signal is added into conduction experience a period of time, the said asked the TGT opening time. Should try to choose the TGT when in parallel operation close to the thyristor. If the difference is too big, in the series runtime will cause forward voltage not evenly distributed, the opening time TGT longer thyristor is damaged. Parallel runtime TGT shorter thyristor will allocate more current. In do not allow the thyristor module misleading of equipment, such as motor speed regulation, can choose gate trigger larger pipe (current and voltage Such as trigger voltage VGT & gt; 2 v, trigger current IGT & gt; 150mA) In order to make sure not to mislead, the trigger circuit of large power is a little bigger can also choose to trigger voltage and current of thyristor. ( 4) Thyristor module (cut-off time tg) The choice of the thyristor module shut final need some time to recover its blocking ability. From the forward current zero to device can block the heavy moment of forward voltage smells quite hour interval is thyristor turn-off time tg, working frequency related to the turn off time. More than 50 weeks when using must choose to turn off time parameters, general fast thyristor ( That is, a thyristor KK) In 10 - cut-off time 50 mu s, its working frequency can reach 1 k 4KHZ; Medium-speed thyristor ( That is, a thyristor KPK) In 60 - cut-off time 100 mu s, its working frequency up to several hundred to lKHZ. ( 5) Thyristor module voltage build-up rate ( dV / dt) And the current rate of climb ( di / dt) The choice of the thyristor module in the blocking state, plus the forward voltage build-up rate of more than a certain value, the device will be converted to conduction, make the SCR is misleading. Select enough dV/dt of the thyristor. General 500 a thyristor dV/dt - in 100 200V/μs。 Working frequency within a few hundred HZ should choose dV/dt - in 200 1000 v/u s KK or KPK between thyristor. When the gate and the trigger pulse, thyristor module in small area near the gate first conduction. Widening again until all the junction surface conduction, therefore, such as when the conduction new anode current rise too fast, may make the local burn out of p-n junction. Ordinary thyristor ( 500A) The di/dt in 50 300 a/mu s, under the condition of power frequency, di/dt under 50 a/mu s can satisfy the use; Under the condition of variable frequency, di/dt must be over 100 a/mu s. The following situations of dV/dt and di/dt requirements are relatively high, must choose larger dV/dt and di/dt thyristor: 1) high anode voltage and trigger when peak, (2) with the large capacity capacitor circuit. Thyristor module true experts, in order to your satisfaction, we really heart. If interested in our thyristor module or there is doubt, welcome your consultation.
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