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by:Positioning     2021-01-03
According to the structure of the ordinary thyristor, between gate and cathode for a p-n junction, with unidirectional conductivity, and there are two reverse polarity between the anode and the gate series of p-n junction. * 1 * 100 or so by multimeter R R k block measurement ordinary thyristor resistance value between each pin, which can determine the three electrodes. Specific methods is, black pens and a multimeter as a thyristor module, red pens and, in turn, to touch the other two electrodes, a resistance measurement results if a few hundred ohms, can determine the black pens and pick up the gate. In the measurement of resistance to several hundred ohms, red pens and the cathode, and in the measurement of resistance for several thousand ohms, red pens and the anode, if two measured value are very big, then black pens and not gate, used the same method to measure other electrodes, until find out three electrodes. Can also be measured as direction, the resistance between two feet, if the positive and negative resistance is close to infinity, the poles as anode and cathode, and the other foot for the gate. Ordinary thyristor also may according to the packaging forms to determine each electrode. The bolt end of the bolt form common thyristor as the anode, a finer pins for gate, coarser pins as the cathode. Flat ordinary thyristor extension line terminal of the gate, the flat end as the anode, the other end of the cathode. Encapsulation ( - 220). Ordinary thyristor in the middle of the pin as the anode, and are connected with heat sink. Purchasing thyristor welcome to visit website ordinary thyristor real experts, in order to your satisfaction, we really heart. If interested in our ordinary thyristor or there is doubt, welcome your consultation.
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