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by:Positioning     2021-01-23
MTC thyristor module adopts the ceramic coated copper process, current carrying capacity is big, the number of thermal cycle load is gb into 10 times, welding process is unique, high dielectric strength, good thermal performance. MTC thyristor module of the workplace should be dry, no corrosive gas, ventilation, clean, environment temperature range - 25℃- - Below 45 ℃, to introduce the MTC thyristor module installation steps: 1, the radiator and fan assembly according to the requirements of ventilation in case suitable location. The radiator surface must be smooth and clean. In MTC thyristor module thermal conductive plate and radiator surface evenly coated with a layer of thermal conductive silicone, then use the screw module fixed on the radiator, four screw the strength should be equal. 2, the copper wire with terminal stud band tighten, immersion tin, best on insulation heat shrinkable tube, with hot air or hot water heating contraction, conductor cross-sectional area according to the current density & lt; 4 a/was selected, the use of copper wire pressure directly on the MTC thyristor module electrode. 3, the wiring end flat on MTC thyristor module electrode with screw fastening, keep good contact plane stress. 4, MTC thyristor module of electric easily broken, wiring should prevent the gravity pull electrode when broken. MTC thyristor module of warm prompt you, let's put, it is important to note that position when installation installed when installation assembly requirements, avoid unsafe when used in the future. MTC if interested in our MTC thyristor module or there is doubt, welcome your consultation.
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