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by:Positioning     2021-01-27
Considering the MTC sinusoidal current thyristor module products are right or wrong, existence question and the load current of the conduction angles are surely the volatility and instability factors, and MTC thyristor chip resistance current shock talent is poorer, it necessary to set aside in the selection of MTC thyristor module current standard must be allowance. Recommend choosing way can according to the following formula calculation: I> K× I load & times; K U/U largest internship: safety coefficient, impedance load K = 1. 5, rational load K = 2; I load: the maximum current of load; U practice: the minimum voltage on the load; U: largest MTC thyristor module can output a maximum voltage; ( Three-phase rectifier module for the input voltage of 1. 35 times, single-phase rectifier module for the input voltage of zero. 1 9 times, other standards. 0 times) ; I: demand pick MTC minimum current of thyristor module, the module of the nominal current greater than this value is necessary. MTC thyristor module thermal conditions of the use of the goods is directly related to the stand or fall of stature and short-time overload talent, the lower the temperature the greater the output current of thyristor module, so the necessary equipment in the use of the radiator and fan, claiming the goods, choose with overheating maintenance function selected water cooling water cooling condition is preferred. Let's after serious measure, and concluded that the different types of goods, equipment type radiator, probably recommend choose manufacturers supporting the radiator and fan, the user should bring along their own according to the following guidelines when choosing: 1, axial flow fan's wind speed should be greater than 6 m/s. 2, it is necessary to ensure the normal operation of MTC thyristor module when the cooling plate temperature is not more than 80 ℃; 3, MTC thyristor module load is lighter, can reduce the size of the radiator or choose natural cooling; 4, when choosing a natural way to cooling radiator ambient air convection and appropriate to end increasing radiator area; MTC thyristor module 5, all fastening screw, it is necessary to tighten the line pressing terminal connection strength, to reduce secondary the happening of heat, thyristor module between floor and radiator is necessary to apply a layer of thermal conductive silicone pad or the size of a plate heat conduction pad, to reach the best cooling effect. MTC if interested in our MTC thyristor module or there is doubt, welcome your consultation.
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