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by:Positioning     2021-02-02
Thyristor module as one of the indispensable main parts in electronic products, I believe you already very familiar with, then what are the basic parameters of it? Just to explain for everybody below 1. Rated by current ( 它) The largest stable working current, commonly known as current. Commonly used thyristor module IT is commonly a Ann to dozens of Ann. 2. Reverse repetitive peak voltage ( VRRM) Or off state repetitive peak voltage ( VDRM) , commonly known as the pressure. Commonly used thyristor module VDRM/VRRM of a few hundred volts to the kv. 3. Control trigger current ( IGT) , commonly known as the triggering current. Commonly used thyristor module of IGT is commonly a few microamps to dozens of ma. 4. In the environmental temperature and cooling conditions, allowed by the cathode and anode current average. Above is the basic parameter of the silicon controlled rectifier module. Thyristor module, uphold the do first friend, after doing business, the good faith for this, the quality of the service purpose, respect every visit customers, cherish every met the fate, we build trust with customers of the bridge. Thyristor module, in the industry leading level, you, worth it! , details could consulting the telephone: 0577 - 62627555! Welcome your calls
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