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by:Positioning     2021-01-23
Many different kinds of silicon controlled rectifier module, used a lot, a lot, as well as advantages, even heating mode is not a choice you like to use a kind of heating, to introduce the MFC thyristor module under the heating control in two ways: 1, the phase shift trigger heated MFC conduction Angle of silicon controlled rectifier has been adjusted so that the voltage changes, so as to adjust the heating power. 2, known as zero passage trigger heating solid-state relay, when heated, voltage does not change, is actually a pulse on-off signal. Generally choose phase-shifting trigger, however, the frequency of the phase shifting trigger for grid disturbance, power performance is outstanding, but the general industrial occasions it doesn't matter, because according to the practical experience, to no longer heater ipsilateral using oscilloscope kind of requirement of the power system frequency, high precision instrument will not have what matter. Phase shift and heating is a dynamic voltage reduction, so is good to extend the service life of heating element. Zero passage trigger simple and stable, can often save a trigger board, MFC thyristor trigger signal is usually 0 Or 1-5 v 5 v pulse. Do not recommend using S7-200 high speed output control. Common practice is to temperature control module, first the thermocouple or heat resistance temperature signal to PLC, PLC in the PID ( The procedure is not hard to) , 4 - output 4-20 ma signal 20 ma signal sent to MFC thyristor trigger board, MFC thyristor trigger board control thyristor heating power. For MFC thyristor module we all learn a lot, it has a very wide range of application, after use it will be more and more, select it, believe your choice not wrong, hope this can bring you help. MFC if interested in our MFC thyristor module or there is doubt, welcome your consultation.
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