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by:Positioning     2020-12-03
Identify the MFC thyristor module three pole method actually very simple, can according to the P - N junction principle, use multimeter measure the MFC thyristor module between three pole resistance can. MFC SCR between anode and cathode in more than a few hundred thousand the forward and reverse resistance, anode and control between forward and reverse resistance in hundreds of thousands of the above ( There are two P - between them N junction, and in the opposite direction, so that the anode and the control to speak very positive and negative) 。 MFC thyristor module is a P - between pole and the cathode N junction, therefore, MFC thyristor module is about in a few European - resistance The scope of the hundreds of the reverse resistance is bigger than forward resistance. But control diode characteristic is not very ideal, reverse it is not completely blocking state, there can be a larger electric current passes through, so, sometimes measured control reverse resistance is small, do not tell the control features extremely bad. In addition, when measuring control is very positive and negative to the resistance, multimeter should be on 10 or R * R * 1 block, to prevent the reverse breakdown voltage control is extremely high. MFC thyristor module, we use the most professional attitude, concern you the most subtle, want to think of the client, the urgent need of the client, in a very quality, fill and level up your fears. If you are interested in our SCR module or there is doubt, rectifier welcome your consultation. We wait for you!
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